About programme

The Programme is conducted on the Internet as a Distance Learning or e-larning and is decomposed to 3 semesters. It is fundamentally provided in English Language. The part of the education modules are also thematic personal meetings with lectors. Professional Education Programmes are divided into 3 semesters, where in the first and the second semester the student participates 4 modules, and in the third one 3 modules. The fourth module represents a dissertation.

The new periods of the MBA professional education programmes begin always on March 15th, and October 1st. However, applicants can be accepted also throughout the semester on the ground of their individual application form. Every student obtains access to the student section at Business Insitut website with the necessary information, documentation, and materials for study. The essential means for control of studies are written processual assignments which the student finishes in the course of studies. The programme is concluded with an oral examination and the final dissertation defence.